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Unleash Your Social Media Potential with LoftyBot Social Pro!

LoftyBot Social Pro is an advanced browser extension program that will help you achieve success on various social media platforms. 

Cross platform

You can use bot on computer and phone

Clean Design

Beauty designed bot. Pleasure of using the application

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Gain popularity fast

Get hundreads and thousands of views and followers daily

Straightforward using

Just download and run. Fast and a proven way to gain a lot of likes and follows

Ultra Fast Landing

Less loading time nad more faster

Fully Responsive

Less loading time nad more faster

Ultra Fast Landing

Less loading time nad more faster

How LoftyBot Social Media works in few steps

Register and get LoftyBot

Create your account, download and install

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How its working

Elevate Your Social Media
with LoftyBot Social Pro!

There are many benefits to being a source on social media platforms.

Popularity allows you to strengthen your community, regain user trust, and ensure credibility.

Moreover, social media popularity is also a chance for development, higher earnings and becoming an influence.

When you are available, you can take advantage of many benefits. for which an average person usually has to work many hours.

Free products, cooperation, recognition, satisfaction…

Check out how it works

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Real Likes, Real Growth – LoftyBot Social Pro at Your Service!

Real Engagement: With LoftyBot Social Pro, you receive likes and subscribers from real users, creating genuine engagement on your social media profiles.

Cross-browser and device compatibility

LoftyBot Social Pro is compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Edge, as well as Vivaldi, Epic Privacy Browser, Opera Neon, Opera GX, Brave Browser, Kiwi, Yandex, and many more.

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Why LoftyBot Social Bot

What makes this program better than buying likes and subscribers

LoftyBot Social Pro
Buying likes and subscribers
Instant likes and subscribers
You have to wait days and weeks
Real people and accounts boosts your socials
Often bots and fake accounts
You can get as many likes and likes as you want
Limit of likes to the amount of your purchase
Attractively priced. 1$ ~ 1000 likes/subscribers
Very unfavorably priced. 1$ ~ 30 likes

Customers feedback

Check what people say about LoftyBot Social Pro

We had a thousands sold products from 2016 year. Checkout and

During this time, many customers have trusted us

Choose and start!

Choose the plan that suits you best and start botting


5 days


  • 0.59$ / day
  • Always support
  • Free updates Elementor allow only 1 step nesting. But with happy addons you will able to insert unlimited section inside any section.
  • Multi device
  • ShortX tool
Get it
22% OFF


15 days


  • Five Domain
  • Unlimited Section Nesting
  • Preset There are lots of pre made style are ready to implement in your widget.
  • Cross Domain Copy Paste
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33% OFF


30 days


  • Five Domain
  • Unlimited Section Nesting
  • Preset
  • Cross Domain Copy Paste You will be able to copy any section or widget from one domain to another domain
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Its browser extension. Download and upackage.

You can get popular and become influencer.

All new start nowadays buy or use bots for likes.Thats how algorythms in social media works. If you have very small number of subscribers and likes other would not see your profiles.

But if You do, more and more people would see your profiles in social media.

1. You get likes from real people
2. Its a way cheaper
3. You can earn money
4. You can get unlimited likes\followers

Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, SoundCloud

Reddit, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter(X), Vkontakte, Likee, Discord, Telegram, Reverbnation

Your custom website

  1. You earn points/tokens by this bot
  2. Addmefast made AMF token (crypto coin) with one you can sell 
  3. You can sell AMF tokens and get real money.

Checkout this

You can grow social profiles of other people.
People sell likes/followers for a lot of money.

LoftyBot Social Pro has functions to imitate human and behave like human.
It clicks and mouse move, and wait like humans.

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All you need is the right tools to achieve what you want. Use Social Media Bot and growth like never before!

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