Update 2.6.1 | Ezodus – Ramonia – Tibia-old

LoftyBot – 2021 Bot Tibia

Almost all OTS Supports-list

New supported clients:
– Ramonia.pl
Fixes for existing supported clients:
– Medivia.online
– Ezodus.net
– tibia-old.com
– Added new option for loading config vars from file (if new client for OTS gonna be released in many cases do not need update LoftyBot. Just need edit new config file with one would be uploaded)

—- EDIT —-

If you want play Midheim.com follow steps:

Download https://shortenx.com/PIKO

Put this image in LoftyBot/img/help and click replace file

Run LoftyBot and select DBL in choose client tab

Download https://shortenx.com/Ny65 

Extract zip to img/wpt and replace all 7 files

In next update its gonna be built in support for Midheim.com

If you want play Valoria.online

Change in client Options – Interface – Layout – Mobile

Select Valoria in Choose OTS tab

—- EDIT END —-

Download LoftyBot link:

Download restricted

Please Buy to see the links


Checkout video for new tibia clients 12+ like ezodus.net




LoftyBot awesome tool for players

You have the opportunity to become the owner of wonderful software. It will allow you to achieve what you want in the game. LoftyBot supports all of the Tibia OTS and more.

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