Update 2.6.0 | Imperianic

LoftyBot Update 2.6.0 2021 Bot Tibia

Imperianic, MorgarOT Bloodstoneonline and more

Almost all OTS Supports-list

– Fixes new Imperianic OTS (www.imperianic.com)
– Support for newer OTS 12+ like MorgarOT (click new Tibia)
– Bloodstone fixes (bloodstoneonline.com) hotkeys with spells
– Added new runes and potions to attacker and healer
– Enhancement in attacker and rune/spell attacker
– New HELP option for new customers (mouse will show you how your client should look like) check in LoftyBot Settings TAB

Quick overview how walker finds and go to the next waypoints: Its not going from 1 to 7 waypoints in this order. Depending on which waypoints are on the map at the moment, the bot scans them. He will not go to the waypoint in which he was previously, but choose one in which he was not long ago. They may appear to be randomly selected, but they are not.

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Checkout tutorial video for first config bot

Learn how to set up bot (very useful for new customers).

Drinking mana fluids functions exposed

Have you ever drunk manafluid like this? It is a nightmare, waste of time and money. Try to replenish 3k mana in this way on 7.4 tibia.

In Tibia, you need mana all the time, for attacks and defense, especially with magic characters.
When the enemy catches you and your mana bar is empty, you will probably die.

Let’s check how LoftyBot will save you.

The bot drinks fluids at such a pace that exhaust does not let you go faster, what’s more, it also automatically scrolls the backpack lower to drink all the fluids from the minimized backpack.




LoftyBot awesome tool for players

You have the opportunity to become the owner of wonderful software. It will allow you to achieve what you want in the game. LoftyBot supports all of the Tibia OTS and more.

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